Give yourself some peace of mind with the safe and durable Flipsi™ Baby feeding bottle. Spend less time cleaning and more time watching your baby grow.

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About Flipsi Baby

We know you don’t want to spend your evenings scrubbing sticky milk residue from bottles. We’ve been there. That’s why we created Flipsi Baby. Just flip it inside out and get rid of those annoying bottle brushes and drying racks.

Whether you’re using breast milk or formula, our bottle creates a natural feeding experience baby will love, from the familiar nipple shape to the collapsing silicone base that minimizes air intake.

Safety is our first priority at Flipsi, and Flipsi Baby utilizes FDA food-grade silicone and polypropylene. Designed to take the hassle out of bottle feeding and cleaning, Flipsi Baby is simple, safe, and gives you a little more time to enjoy with your child.

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Flipsi Bottle Colors Help distinguish your child’s bottle from other Flipsi bottles with three color options. Choose from Teal, Violet or Light Grey.

Flipsi Bottle Colors Flipsi Baby is designed to help prevent colic. It’s flexible base collapses during feeding to minimize air intake.

Flipsi Bottle Colors Air can be completely removed prior to feeding by simply pushing upwards with your thumbs.


Flipsi Baby is made with the best materials for safe and easy use. All bottles meet CPSC safety standards. With its patent pending solution, there is no other bottle like it on the market.

Natural Feeding Design

Designed with natural nipple shape to help ease the switch between bottle and breastfeeding.

High Quality Materials

Made of FDA food grade silicone & polypropylene which are free from BPA, BPS, phthalates, latex, nitrosamines, lead, PVC & PET. Microwave, dishwasher, sterilizer, boiling water, and freezer safe.

Easy to Clean

Flips inside-out for easy cleaning and drying, no bottle brushes required.

Designed to Help Prevent Colic

Flexible silicone sides collapse inward during feeding to minimize air intake and provide a better feeding experience. Air can also be completely squeezed out of bottle, allowing feeding in nearly any position.

Highly Durable

Flipsi bottles were designed to last. By using a durable silicone, our bottles withstand thousands of flips.

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Flipsi Baby Bottles
Capacity: 8oz (240ml)

Light Grey

Nipple & Base - Dye-Free FDA Food Grade Silicone
Top Cap & Sleeve - FDA Food Grade Polypropylene
Nipple Cap - Dye-Free FDA Food Grade Polypropylene

Nipple Sizing:
Size 1: 0-3mo
Size 2: 3-6mo
Size 3: 6-9mo
Size 4 (Y cut): 9mo+

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Flipsi Baby Bottle

Flipsi Baby Bottle


Each bottle comes with a level 1 nipple flowrate (newborn to 3 months). Additional nipples sold separately.

Capacity: 8oz

Materials: FDA food grade, dye-free silicone* and FDA food grade polypropylene

*Note: Only the silicone touches the liquid


Additional information

Logo Color

Light Grey, Teal, Violet

Flipsi Baby Bottle Nipples

Flipsi Baby Nipple 2-Pack


Each pack comes with two natural shaped silicone nipples. Available in four different sizes to grow with your baby.

Nipple Sizing Recommendation:
Flow level 1: 0-3 months | Flow level 2: 3-6 months
Flow level 3: 6-9 months | Flow level 4: 9+ months (“Y” cut)*

*Note: Great for thicker liquids

Materials: FDA food grade, dye-free silicone


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Meet the Creators

Starting out as a simple conversation about the struggles of cleaning bottles, founders Chris and Jeff Plott put their engineering backgrounds to work and created a solution that would make their lives easier. Shortly thereafter, Flipsi was born.

Chris Plott Chris is a father with three young children who has spent the past 10 years developing life saving medical devices. He has a passion for putting his time into projects that help people and this passion carries into Flipsi. Chris’ active home life coupled with his strong background in medical device product development uniquely enables him to lead Flipsi.

Jeff Plott Jeff loves making complicated things simple. With his experience optimizing consumer, automotive and aerospace products, Jeff also enjoys working with doctors at the University of Michigan Hospital to help solve challenging design problems that directly help people. Jeff’s attention to detail and drive to improve lives through design make him highly qualified to lead Flipsi bottle’s technical development.

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