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Give yourself some peace of mind with the safe and durable Flipsi™ Baby feeding bottle. Spend less time cleaning and more time watching your baby grow.

Flipsi Easy Clean Silicone Baby Bottle Flip Inside Out

So Easy to Clean!

Flipsi Silicone Baby Bottle Breast To Bottle Solution

The Best Breast-To-Bottle Solution

Flipsi Silicone Colic Reducing Baby Bottle

Unique Colic Reducing Design

Flipsi Baby

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This is the first bottle my grandson would suck! He's exclusively breastfed so when Grammy wants to spend time with him,we had to limit it to 2 mom free hours. Now, mom can get away for a few extra hours because this bottle is baby approved! It may be because it doesn't have to be tipped up for him to drink. He can be at a more natural angle when drinking.

Lisa (Amazon Customer)

We were having trouble getting our breastfed baby to take bottles. The brand that we used for our other two kids she was having trouble latching onto and milk was leaking out of the side of her mouth. We ordered the Flipsi bottle and she latched on quickly with no leakage the whole time! We are very happy with our experience. In addition they are super easy to clean and very durable. With the silicone insert be sure you push out all the air like they tell you to do in the description - this ensures baby does not take in too much air, again a great benefit of the bottle. Other bottles come with multiple parts for this one added benefit. I would recommend this to all other moms. Overall a great experience!!!!!

Amazon Customer

I am shocked and amazed. My daughter is 8 months old, and we have had such a hard time getting her to take a bottle. I'm stay-at-home Mom so luckily I've been able to nurse her, but Mama needs a break sometimes! I literally tried about 7 different bottles, and different nipples too....I was amazed when my daughter immediately latched on to it, and proceeded to drink 5 ounces. Happy, happy day! 

Amazon Customer

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Trouble with gas/colic? Eliminate the air in the bottle before feeding!

By pushing the air out of the bottle, the potential for your baby to suck in air (which can cause colic) will be greatly reduced! Flipsi Baby bott...