About Us

Flipsi is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and was founded to create reusable bottles that meld perfectly with its customers' lifestyles while at all time ensuring its bottles are safe, attractive, easy to use, and effortless to clean. 


Chris Plott

Chris Plott Flipsi

Chris is a father with three young children who has spent the past 12 years developing life saving medical devices. He has a passion for putting his time into projects that help people and this passion carries into Flipsi. Chris’ active home life coupled with his strong background in medical device product development uniquely enables him to lead Flipsi.


Jeff Plott

Jeff Plott Flipsi

Jeff loves making complicated things simple. With his experience optimizing consumer, automotive and aerospace products, Jeff also enjoys working with doctors at the University of Michigan Hospital to help solve challenging design problems that directly help people. Jeff’s attention to detail and drive to improve lives through design make him highly qualified to lead Flipsi bottle’s technical development.